International Students
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      With the elevation of overall strength and the level of the international communication, SDUW has enjoyed a higher popularity and attracted more and more international students. The number of international students has increased from 620 to 963 during 2011 and 2013. The establishment of joint education programme between SDUW and Sahmyook University, South Korea has set a new record in SDUW’s number of international students. In 2014, up to today, there are already 630 international students studying in SDUW.

      SDUW’s International Office has formulated a three-step development strategy for the management of international students, in accordance with the University’s Twelfth Five-year Plan.

      Step 1: Regulates the management of international students and raise standards of service by building a strong team and introducing scientific methods.

      Step 2: Improve the quality of teaching by revising the course curriculum and create better accommodation conditions for international students, while in the meantime, enhancing the construction of TPIS platform to enrich the international atmosphere at SDUW.
      Step 3: Adjust enrollment strategy and define the idea of recruiting students via established programmes.
      In order to achieve the sustainable increase of international students, the Section of International Exchange of the International Office has been in charge of both recruiting international students and the exchange programmes with South Korea since January 2014. Moreover, according to the work plan, the International Office will continue to put great efforts in improving the learning and living conditions for international students, and promoting communication between them and Chinese students, thus creating a better international atmosphere.