【30th Anniversary】SDUW Office of Advanced International Education Programme and Cloud Laboratory Inaugurated
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In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW), Mr. Iain Watt, Vice-President of International Affairs, University of Western Australia (UWA), visited SDUW along with Mr. Li Xinqing, CEO of Australia Education Management Group (AEMG), and Ms. Wang Jing, Programme Director of AEMG. Prof. Han Shenghao, President of SDUW and Vice-President of SDU, met with the guests and launched Office of Advanced International Education Programme with Mr. Iain Watt. Prof. Chen Guanjun, Vice-President of SDUW, launched Cloud Laboratory with Mr. Li Xinqing, and presented the donation certificate to Li.
Mr. Iain Watt extended his congratulation on SDUW’s 30th anniversary and forwarded to Prof. Han the letter of congratulation from Paul Johnson, President of UWA as well as gifts for the anniversary. Prof. Han expressed his appreciation for greets from UWA and invited Mr. Paul Johnson to visit SDUW. He also reviewed the history between UWA and SDUW and hoped further cooperation will be achieved.
On behalf of AEMG, Mr. Li Xinqing congratulated SDUW on her 30th anniversary and donated two Cloud Laboratories which are worth RMB 300,000. Prof. Han expressed his thanks for his generous donation and hoped that AEMG continues to play an active role in promoting the development of SDUW internationalization.
Relevant staff from Teaching Affairs Office, Assets Management Office and International Office also met with the guests. After the meeting, Mr. Iain Watt visited SDUW University History Exhibition.