【30th Anniversary】Representatives of American and Japanese Universities Agencies in China Visit SDUW
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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW), a delegation led by Mr. Xiang Hu, Director of Waseda University’s Beijing Education Research Center, Mr. Li Xinli, General Director of Sophia University’s Liaison Office in China, Mr. Zhan Jingxu, representative of University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in China, and Mr. Fei Teng, Director of Xiangfei Global Education Group’s Office in Dalian, visited SDUW on November 1st, received by Prof. Han Shenghao, President of SDUW, Prof. Chen Guanjun, Vice President of SDUW and relative staff from International Office.
Prof. Han expressed his thanks to the agencies of foreign universities and groups in China for their best wishes. He pointed out that SDUW has long actively developed its international education, advanced the overseas learning experience education, and by means of setting up scholarship for special projects, supported and encouraged students to take part in overseas studies. Waseda University, Sophia University and UCSD are all excellent universities and Han hoped that more cooperation and exchange will be conducted with these universities, and substantive progress in student exchange and cooperative teaching will be made.
Xiang, Li and Zhan introduced the basic conditions and characteristics of their own universities, expressed their hope to strengthen communication and exchange with SDUW. Fei from Xiangfei Group reviewed the history of cooperation between the two sides and also conveyed his hope to achieve a win-win situation that will benefit both sides.
After the meeting, the delegation visited University History Exhibition.