【30th Anniversary】SDUW Held 30th Anniversary Celebration
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  On the evening of November 1st, a celebration event was held to mark the 30th anniversary Shandong University, Weihai(SDUW). Prof. Zhangrong, President of Shandong University, Mr. Sun Shutao, Director of Weihai Municipal People's Congress, Ms. Zhanghui, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Weihai, Prof. Han Shenghao, President of SDUW, Mr. Cao Shengyuan, Chief Accountant of Shandong University, and Prof. Iain Watt, Vice President of University of Western Australia (UWA) as well as other officials attended the event. The celebration was chaired by Prof. Tong Xinghua, Deputy Secretary of Shandong University and Secretary of SDUW’s Party Committee.

The celebration opened in the national anthem. On behalf of SDUW, Prof. Han Shenghao extended his welcome and gratitude to leaders, colleagues and friends of all walks of society, who have been supporting and helping the development of SDUW, and paid his respect and greetings to all the teachers and students and alumni around the world.
Prof. Han said that over the past 30 years, SDUW, taking cultivating talents for the world and pursuing prosperity for the nation as its mission, has gone through trials and tribulations and made painstaking efforts to achieve the present success. Especially in the past 10 years, SDUW has made, under the SDU’s goal of building a world-class university and in the light of the guideline of overall coordination and integrate development, more explicit and definite educational thoughts and orientation. All these progresses have contributed to promoting the university’s comprehensive strength and social reputation. At the occasion of the 30th anniversary, all teachers and students of SDUW will continue to unite together and work hard toward a brand new and splendid future for the university.
Ms. Zhanghui pointed out in her speech that the growth of SDUW has inextricably linked with the development of Weihai city as the university has cultivated large numbers of qualified graduates who later became a strong force for the city’s development. Teachers and students make active participation in local economical construction and service and provided for the city a great intellectual support. The 30th anniversary marks the milestone of cooperation between SDU and Weihai as well as the starting point ushering into the future. Weihai will, as it always has, support the development of SDUW and further deepen the cooperation between the two sides so as to make a still more beautiful ‘city card’ of the university.
Prof. Zhang Rong, President of SDU, reviewed in his speech the history of the establishment of SDUW, expressed his sincere thanks to all the leaders and friends that had been caring and supporting for the development of SDUW and to the senior leaders and comrades, and all the teachers and students for their efforts and work in constructing and developing SDUW. He pointed out that the enormous achievements today is owing to the outstanding courage and pioneer visions of the precedent entrepreneurs one generation after another; the favorable situation to the ever deepening cooperation between the university and Weihai city and the unification of ideas of win-win cooperation; and the leap-forward development to the unified efforts and integrated resources of SDU as an entity. Prof. Zhang remarked that, in the crucial period of constructing a world-class university, we must explore the multi-campus system and realize a coordinated development among the separate campuses. In the end, Prof. Zhang said that as a man comes into his real adulthood at the golden age of 30, SDUW as well as SDU will, in the times full of opportunities and challenges alike, create a brighter future.
On behalf of all the friendly partner universities, Prof. Iain Watt, Vice President of UWA, extended his congratulations to the 30th anniversary of SDUW and believed that SDUW is bound to make greater achievements with the mission and responsibility bestowed by the times.
Afterwards, Prof. Chen Yao, representative of teachers, Doc. Guan Qingyou, representative of alumni and Jiao Chengyuan, the representative of students made their speeches.
After the speeches, the various performances consisted of four chapters were put on, bringing into full play the brilliant history of the university. The show was as diversified as splendid, winning praises from the audience present.