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SDUW Students Achieve Excellent Results in the 2017 Mathematical Contest in Modeling
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Recently, students from Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW) have won four first prizes and 23 second prizes in the 2017 Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), accomplishing the best results since their first participation in the Contest. In addition, a team of students from SDUW School of Mathematics and Statistics was awarded Outstanding Winner of the MCM.

SDUW has been attaching great importance and lending full support to the contest. This year, the contest was held from January 20 to 24. On the first day of the contest, Prof. Liu Hai, Vice President of SDUW, along with relevant staff from School of Mathematics and Statistics, were present at the contest to encourage the students to give an extraordinary performance.

MCM/ICM focuses on the originality and ability of problem-solving, as well as the rationality of teamwork and reasoning. In the contest, each team is made up of three undergraduates who are then required to build models, solve designated problems and complete relevant thesis work in English within four days. MCM/ICM is the only mathematical contest in modeling at a world-class level. This year, there are 8843 teams from more than ten countries and regions participating in the contest, including prestigious universities such as Harvard University, Princeton University, Tsinghua University, etc.

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