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SDUW Delegation Visits Partner Universities in Russia and Spain
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 From June 5th to 9th, a delegation led by Prof. Chen Guanjun, Vice President of Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW), visited Perm State University (PSU) in Russia, University of Oviedo (University of Oviedo), and University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) in Spain. Relevant staff from School of Translation Studies and International Office accompanied Prof. Chen on his visit.

At PSU, the delegation was warmly welcomed by its Rector, Prof. I.Makarihin.   Prof. Chen began with a detailed introduction of the internationalization strategy applied by SDUW. He said that cooperation between the two universities has achieved rapid and substantial development since the establishment of partnership, and good evidence for this would be the fact that SDUW sent a whole class of undergraduates of the English-Russian language major to study at PSU for one year in 2016. Prof. Chen expressed his gratitude to PSU faculties and staff for taking good care of these students, while expressing his wish that the two universities could further expand the cooperation so as to benefit more teachers and students.

Prof. Makarihin extended his gratitude to SDUW for contribution to the bilateral cooperation, and spoke highly of the performance of SDUW students. He also expressed his wish that both parties could make further efforts in realizing staff exchange and research collaboration. By the end of the meeting, a framework agreement between PSU and SDUW was signed. After the meeting, Prof. Chen met with students of the SDUW English-Russian language major studying at PSU, and encouraged them to study hard.
During the visit, the delegation paid a visit to the Education Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, and held a meeting with its counselor, Mr. Zhao Guocheng. Prof. Chen gave a detailed introduction of partnerships sought between SDUW and universities in Russia, the joint education programs in particular. Mr. Zhao spoke highly of the education program for students of English-Russian language major, and described it as an approach which effectively develops talents catering the need for The Belt and Road Initiative. In addition, Mr. Zhao said that the Education Office will lend full support to the development of an in-depth China- Russia cooperation and to students studying in Russia. 

At University of Oviedo, Mr. Santiago Garcia Granda, its Rector, extended a warm welcome to the delegation. Prof. Chen said that University of Oviedo was the first partner university SDUW had in Spain, and over 100 students had been sent to study at University of Oviedo from SDUW during the past decade. He also pointed out that SDUW, for the first time, will receive more than 10 students from University of Oviedo to participate the summer school held in Weihai this year, embarking on a new form of cooperation as well as further promoting the existing student exchanges.

Mr. Granda said that SDUW is considered as one of the most important partners University of Oviedo has in China. He extended his wish that both parties could make efforts to cooperate in featured disciplines of both sides, thus benefiting more teachers and students. During the meeting, SDUW delegation discussed with representatives about the feasibility of sending a whole class of undergraduates of the English-Spain language major to study at University of Oviedo for one year as well as the possibility of starting a double-degree program at relevant majors.

At USC, the delegation held a meeting with Mr. Hector Rodriguez, International Relations Advisor of USC, during which Prof. Chen introduced the internationalization strategy applied by SDUW, and expressed his wish that the visit could advance current cooperation in order to provide more opportunities and choices for students to study in Spain. Mr. Rodriguez spoke highly of the achievements made by SDUW, and said that USC is willing to deepen the cooperation with the two universities. By the end of the meeting, Prof. Chen, on behalf of SDUW, signed a Language and Culture Program Agreement with USC. Moreover, the delegation also met with Ms. Maria Lopez Couso, Dean of USC Foreign Language Department, during which they reached a preliminary cooperation intention regarding short-term students exchanges, the compiling of teaching materials, etc.

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