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SDUW Attends the 2nd Seminar on Internationalization of Higher Education
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On May 18th, the 2nd Seminar on Internationalization of Higher Education hosted by Xiangfei Global Education Group (XIANGFEI) was held in Weihai. Prof. Xia Lidong, Vice President of Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW), Mrs. Ding Li, Director of International Office of Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE), and Mr. Li Xinli, CEO of XIANGFEI, attended the Seminar and delivered a speech respectively. Representatives from 35 universities in China including Harbin Institute of Technology, Central South University, etc. attended the Seminar.

Prof. Xia delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He first introduced SDUW and the measures taken to promote its internationalization. He pointed out that this Seminar attached great importance to the The Belt and Road Initiative and the Double Top University Plan, so that it was bound to deliver fruitful achievements and promote the international higher education. Mrs. Ding presented an introduction to the policies and supportive efforts of CSCSE, and shared its work plans. Mr. Li expressed that XIANGFEI will be committed to making headway in the implementation of policies for universities and setting up platforms for multi-layered cooperation.

At the Seminar, Mr. Zhen Yosikawa, Director of WASEDA University China Office, Prof. James Evans, Director of Continuum College of University of Washington, and Prof. Kong Haiyan, Director of International Office of SDUW, respectively introduced measures to improve internationalization at these universities. Later, the attendees held an in-depth discussion and exchanged opinions over challenges and difficulties encountered in the internationalization progress, as well as ways to produce customized study programs, etc.

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