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SDUW Delegation Visits Universities in Australia and New Zealand, Promoting High Level International Cooperation
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Prof. Liu Jianya, Vice President of Shandong University (SDU) and President of Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW), led a delegation to visit the University of Auckland (UOA), Swinburne University of Technology (SUT), Australian National University (ANU) and University of Tasmania (UTAS) from April 29th to May 6th  to expand exchange and deepen cooperation.

At UOA, the delegation held a meeting with Prof. John Hosking, Dean of Faculty of Science, and staff from the International Office. Prof. Liu introduced the characteristics and advantages of SDU in mathematics and the general information about its Data Science Research Institute, and expressed his hope of setting up “3+2” bachelor-master package program in mathematical sciences between the two universities. He added that the two universities could explore the possibility of establishing joint research institute of data science, so as to expand all-dimensional cooperation in statistics, data science, and artificial intelligence. Prof. Hosking spoke highly of the teaching and research quality of SDU, and gave a detailed introduction to the structure of UOA’s master and doctoral programs as well as its data science subjects. He also said that he would make active efforts in pushing forward faculty and student exchange, and collaboration in data science between the two universities.

At SUT, the delegation was warmly welcomed by Prof. Linda Kristjanson, Vice Chancellor and President of SUT, Prof. Alan Lau,Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Performance and Development), and Prof. Hung Nguyen,Pro Vice-Chancellor for Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology. Prof. Liu first forwarded the regards of Prof. Guo Xinli, Party Secretary of SDU CPC Committee, to Prof Kristjanson. Then he  pointed out that the smooth running of the Joint Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (hereafter as the Center) marked that the cooperation between two universities entered into a new stage, and wished that more exchanges and cooperation could be carried out between the two sides. Prof Kristjanson said that SUT had always regarded SDU as an important international partner, and that she would continue to give full support to the development of the Center. Later, Prof. Lau reported the progress of the Center and extended his hope that more enterprise resources could be provided to support doctoral education and joint research. During the visit, the two parties had a discussion with regard to the Center’s mechanism construction, faculty collaboration, university-industry cooperation, and working mechanism.

At ANU, the delegation was received by Prof. Mike Calford, Provost of ANU, Prof. Jane O’Dwyer, Vice-President, Engagement and Corporate Affairs, and Prof. Kiaran Kirk, Dean of College of Science. Prof. Liu pointed out that SDU had been attaching great importance to the cooperation with ANU, and the two parties had built a solid foundation of cooperation in their common strong subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. SDU would utilize all the resources to support the construction of SDU-ANU Joint Science College, Shandong University (hereafter as the College). Prof. Calford expressed his congratulations on the approval of the College, and introduced the latest internationalization policies of ANU. He added that ANU would also give full support to make sure the smooth running of the College. During the visit, the two sides also had an in-depth discussion on the enrollment, talent cultivation, joint management committee and launching ceremony of the College, and agreed to expand collaboration in joint education of doctoral students and research.

At UTAS, the delegation met with Prof. Rob Atkinson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global) of UTAS. Prof. Liu said that SDU is actively promoting the integrated development of School of Oceanography in Weihai and the Institute of Marine Science and Technology in Qingdao, answering the call of Shandong Provincial Government to accelerate the development of Blue Economy. He expressed his wish that the two universities could carry out high-level teaching and research collaboration by making full use of advantageous disciplinary resources, and build a joint research institute. Prof. Atkinson pointed out that the “3+2” bachelor-master package program between the two universities was UTAS’ first program of its kind, based on which he hoped that faculty exchange and research collaboration programs could be established in such subjects as fishery, aquaculture, and space science. The two parties also reached cooperative intentions in joint training of doctoral students in marine science and expanding “3+2” program to other subjects such as mathematical science and physics.

During the visit in Australia, the delegation also visited the Melbourne office of Australia Education Management Group (AEMG). The two parties jointly unveiled the nameplate for the Overseas Talent Workstation of Shandong University, Weihai, and had a meeting with Prof. Ian Young, former Vice-Chancellor of ANU, and current President of AEMG Cloud Campus, who made great contribution in facilitating ANU-SDU collaboration.

Prof. Huang Kainan, Vice President of SDUW, along with faculties from the State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology, and School of Chemistry and Chemistry Engineering of SDU, as well as staffs from College of International Education and International Office of SDUW, attended relevant activities.

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