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【30th Anniversary】The Second San-Su Forum (Weihai) held at SDUW
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On November 1st, the Second San-Su Forum (Weihai), themed  Good-neighborliness, Cooperation, and Mutual Benefit  was held at Wentian Building, SDUW. Prof. Chen Gunjun, Vice President of SDUW attended the forum and gave an opening speech. Over 20 experts and scholars from universities of China and South Korea including, Shandong University, Weihai(SDUW), the University of Suwon (USW), Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai (HITW), Yantai University and Shandong Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT) were present at the forum.
In the morning, the opening ceremony of the forum was held. Prof. Chen introduced the origin of the forum and explained the theme of Good-neighborliness, Cooperation, and Mutual Benefit in his opening speech. He said that SDUW and USW had maintained a sound cooperative relation with frequent exchanges, and the research level of both sides continued to rise and produce fruitful results. The second forum is bound to promote cooperation, resource sharing and mutual benefit between the two sides, and facilitate the constant progress in friendly exchanges of higher education of China and South Korea.
Prof. OH Young-gyun from Law School of USW pointed out in his speech that the exchange between China and South Korea had a long history and was undergoing a trend of expansion. He hoped that the universities involved can deepen their collaboration and share resource advantages to usher in a new age for Shan-Shui Forum. Prof. Han Dongping, Dean of School of Economics and Management, HITW, said in his speech that in light of scientific and academic exchanges, Shan-Shui Forum is conducive to cultural communication and multi-leveled development. The exchanges and discussions of the forum will breed more and better ideas and results, pushing cooperation to a new stage.
After the opening ceremony, the forum entered into the stage of keynote speeches. Prof. Niu Linjie, Dean of School of Korean Studies, SDUW made a lecture entitled Sino-Korea Strategic Partnership: Dynamics and Restraining Factors for Development, in which he explained the developing dynamics for a partnership between China and South Korea in economy, security, politics and culture.
Prof. Jeong Won-jun from Law School of USW made a speech titled International Cultural Exchange Strategy in Hallyu 3.0 Age, emphasizing the importance of cultural industry in economy and the significance the present cultural development exerted on national economy and politics and introducing development history of Korean cultural industry. Prof. Lin Mingxian from SIBT gave a speech titled The Present and Future Development for Sino-Korean Cultural Exchange. He analyzed with chart the population movement in some regions of China, social transformation and Sino-Korean trade as consequences of exchanges between the two countries. Afterwards professors answered students’ questions.
In the afternoon, the forum was divided into three parallel sessions centering around law and politics, business and economics, culture separately. The theme of law and politics session was Comparison and Exploration of Rule of Law Between China and Korea. The business and economics session centered on Discussion of Sino-Korean Management. And the theme of culture session was People-to-people Exchange and Cultural Communication against East Asian Cultural Context. In each session, professors and scholars from the two countries delivered their speeches and discussed with one another.
   The San-Su Forum, initiated by Prof. Tong Xinghua, Secretary of the CPC of SDUW and Prof. Lee In-Soo, President of USW, aims at promoting the academic exchange and communication between the two universities. The forum is held once a year by SDUW and USW in turn.

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