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Australian Delegation Visits SDUW
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On March 18th, a delegation led by Prof. Linda Kristjanson, Vice Chancellor of Swinburne University of Technology (SUT), Prof. Aleks Subic, Deputy Vice Chancellor of SUT, Mr. Tim Dillon, Commissioner of Greater China of State Government of Victoria, Dr. Gerry Wilson, Research Director of Industrial Innovation of CSIRO, and Mr. Roger Li, CEO of Australia Education Management Group, visited Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW). Prof. Liu Jianya, Vice President of Shandong University and President of SDUW, met with the guests. Relevant staff from International Office and School of Mechanical, Electrical and Information Engineering, attended the meeting.

On behalf of SDUW, Prof. Liu extended a warm welcome to the delegation and reviewed the partnership forged between SDUW and SUT. He pointed out that the two universities, based on a long history of student exchanges, have launched a high-level research platform and initiated the joint education program for doctoral students, bringing the partnership into a deeper level. He further pointed out that the establishment of the Joint Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (hereafter as the Center) reflects the responsibility Shandong University is willing to take for our country and society, against the background of the new and old kinetic energy conversion campaign springing up in Shandong Province. In addition, Prof. Liu extended his gratitude to the State Government of Victoria and Industrial Innovation of CSIRO for their constant efforts in supporting Shandong University.

Prof. Kristjanson said that Shandong University is considered as one of the most valuable partners SUT has in China, and spoke highly of the teacher’s exchange programs conducted between the two institutes. She emphasized that SUT attaches great importance to the Center, not only because its role as the collaboration platform with SDUW, but also the connection and communication between the Chinese and Australian government and enterprises which comes along with it.    

Prof. Subic expressed his gratitude towards Shandong Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, as well as relevant enterprises in China and Australia for their efforts in building the Center. In addition, he said that transformation of research technologies into practical products will be further accelerated with the establishment of the Center.   

During the meeting, representatives also held discussions with regard to the details of construction of the Center, etc. 

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