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SDUW Delegation Visits Partner Universities and Organization in the U.K. and Spain
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From April 22nd to 26th, a delegation led by Prof. Liu Jianya, Vice President of Shandong University (SDU) and President of Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW), visited University of Cambridge, Loughborough University (LU), Education Section of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the U.K., Instituto de Empresa (IE), and World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Spain. Relevant staff from Office of Teaching Affairs and International Office accompanied Prof. Liu on his visit. 

On April 22nd, the delegation visited Emmanuel College of the University of Cambridge, and met with Prof. John Coates, Sadleirian Professor of Pure Mathematics. During the meeting, Prof. Liu exchanged opinions with Prof. Coates regarding scientific research and postgraduate programs, and learned about the college system of the University of Cambridge.

On April 23rd, the delegation was warmly welcomed by Prof. Robert Allison, Vice-Chancellor and President, and Prof. Chris Linton, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of LU, etc. Prof. Liu reviewed and spoke highly of the partnership between SDU and LU which has cultivated many outstanding students in mathematical sciences and physics, and expressed his wish that two universities could make a breakthrough in joint scientific research and staff exchanges in other areas.Prof. Allison said that the two universities could explore more opportunities for cooperation and enjoy complementary advantages on the basis of each other’s comprehensive disciplines.During the visit, the delegation also held a meeting with relevant staff from Department of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Physics, and postgraduate programs. The two parties conducted an in-depth discussion with regard to joint education programs for postgraduate students, research collaboration and short-term lectures, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention. Later, Prof. Liu also met with SDU students studying at LU.

On April 24th, the delegation visited the Education Section of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the U.K., and met with Mr. Wang Yongli, Minister Counselor, and Mr. Xia Jianhui, Counselor of Education. Prof. Liu pointed out that SDUW has been attaching great importance to enhancing the internationalization in scientific research, staff and student exchange, etc., and hoped that the Education Section could assist SDUW in achieving such goals. Mr. Xia said that the Education Section would lend full support to the internationalization of SDUW by introducing quality education resources in the U.K.

On April 25th, the delegation visited the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain, and met with Ms. Maria Marin, Director of General International Relations, and Ms.Irina Deneanu, Associate Director of Asia Pacific. Prof. Liu expressed his wish that SDUW and IE could create more opportunities for staff and students by carrying out substantial cooperation in the next step. Ms. Marin agreed with Prof. Liu, and exchanged opinions with the delegation regarding the operation of “3+1+1” bachelor-master package program and joint scientific research. The two reached a preliminary intention of signing a framework agreement in the coming days.

On April 26th, the delegation visited UNWTO in Madrid, and held a meeting with Mr. Zhu Shanzhong, Executive Director, and Mr. Xu Jing, Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific of UNWTO. Prof. Liu said that SDUW has been emphasizing on the cooperation with international organizations which could provide opportunities for its staff and students to practice and participate in joint scientific research programs. Meanwhile, the university also welcomes outstanding talents from UNWTO to join SDUW. Mr. Zhu said that UNWTO will lend full support to the development of SDUW. During the meeting, the two parties discussed issues including the UNWTO-TedQual recognition system, talent introduction and research collaboration, etc.

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