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Bucheon College Delegation Visits SDUW
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On September 16th, a delegation led by Mr. Han Jeongseok, President of Bucheon College, visited Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW). Mr. Han Jianxin, Executive Vice President of SDUW, met with the guests. Relevant staff from International Office attended the meeting. 

On behalf of SDUW, Mr. Han extended a warm welcome to the delegation. He reviewed the cooperation between two parties, and pointed out that Bucheon College is the first partner university abroad to SDUW. Mr. Han expressed his wish that the two universities could carry out substantial cooperation in the fields of student exchanges and academic research to promote the development of both parties. Mr. Han Jeongseok introduced the development and achievement of Bucheon College in recent years, and mentioned that Bucheon College has been attaching great importance to the cooperation with SDUW, its first partner university abroad. He said that the two parties should advance academic exchange and contribute to the cultural communication between China and South Korea.

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