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SDUW Delegation Visits Partner Universities in Russia
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Prof. Xia Lidong, Vice President of Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW), visited Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) and Perm State University (PSU) in Russia from September 25th to 27th. Staff from School of Translation Studies and School of Art accompanied Prof. Xia on his visit.

At MSU, the delegation was warmly welcomed by Mr. Mazei Yuri, Vice Rector of MSU. Prof. Xia introduced the general information about the development of Shandong University (SDU) and SDUW in international education and discipline construction. He pointed out that the two parties, having quality education resources and professional scientific experts, would make great achievements in various fields with joint efforts. Mr. Yuri expressed his hope that MSU could establish a long-term partnership with SDUW to cultivate international talents by providing them with abundant education resources. He introduced the “1+2” joint education program of MSU for postgraduate students and expected the participation of SDUW students. During the meeting, both parties reached a preliminary cooperation intention of joint education in art-related subjects. Later, the delegation held a meeting with Prof. Alexander Lobodanov, Dean of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts. The two parties conducted an in-depth discussion and reached a cooperation agreement with regard to students exchange and research collaboration, and agreed to hold Russian Master Class jointly in 2019.

At PSU, the delegation was received by Prof. Igor Makarikhin, Rector of PSU, Mr. Vadim Gataulin, Deputy Head of International Department and Prof. Boris Proskurnin, Dean of the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature. During the meeting, Prof. Xia gave a brief introduction of SDU with regard to its history, campuses construction and development. He pointed out that the two parties had jointly educated two generations of English-Russian bilingual students within four-year’s cooperation, and extended his thankfulness towards PSU for the help and support that has been given to SDUW students. In the meantime, he expressed his hope that the two could work together to make new achievements in joint research and faculty exchange. Prof. Makarikhin briefly introduced the development of PSU, and said he hoped that SUDW could send more students to study at PSU. During the meeting, the two signed an agreement on 2+2 dual degree program for English-Russian bilingual students. During the stay, Prof. Xia also met with SDUW students from School of Translation Studies, and wished them a wonderful year at PSU.

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