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SDUW Holds Commendation Meeting for 2018 Presidential Scholarship Winners
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On the afternoon of December 3rd, a commendation meeting was held for 2018 President's Scholarship winners among international students and Chinese students attending the study abroad programs. Prof. Huang Kainan, Vice President of Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW), attended the commendation and delivered a speech. Relevant staff from School of Northeast Asian Studies, School of Cultural Studies and Journalism, School of Business, School of Mathematics and Statistics, and International Office also attended the ceremony.

During the speech, Prof. Huang congratulated all the scholarship winners. He pointed out that SDUW has made constant efforts in promoting the internationalization of students education by enhancing teaching quality and providing well-equipped teaching facilities. He also said that SDUW will continue to take series of measures to support international education to benefits more students. Prof. Huang extended his hope that all students winning the scholarships would keep on studying and make greater achievements.

At the ceremony, 42 international students and 116 Chinese students were awarded the President's Scholarship for international students and President's Scholarship for study abroad programs respectively.

As students representatives, Miss. Lee EunJu, winner of President's Scholarship for international students, and Miss. Liu Feiyan, winner of President's Scholarship for study abroad programs, spoke respectively on behalf of all scholarship winners, in which they expressed their gratitude towards SDUW. They added that they would further their study and make contributions to the development of SDUW.

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