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Prof. Zhao Huaizhong from Loughborough University Lectures at Ji Xia Lecture Room
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On April 9th, Prof. Zhao Huaizhong, a famous stochastic analysis expert and professor from Loughborough University, was invited to give a lecture titled Do Periodicity and Transition in Systems with Uncertainty Matter? at Ji Xia Lecture Room at Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW). Prof. Xia Lidong, Vice President of SDUW, hosted the lecture.

During the lecture, Prof. Zhao pointed out that random periodicity is ubiquitous in the real world including temperature variations, economic cycles, business cycles, climate change issues, but the understanding of such kind of phenomena is very little due to a lack of a mathematical theory. Later, Prof. Zhao provided the concepts of random periodic paths, periodic measure and their ergodic theory to mathematically describe random periodicity which can be applied to model the transitions between ice age and interglacial period. He also illustrated the existence and uniqueness of the periodic measure of the periodic double well potential problem driven by noise, and argued that this result could provide a mathematical rigour of a physical theory of stochastic resonance on the major “transition” of climates, which is random periodic and excited by noise.

By the end of the lecture, Prof. Zhao answered questions of the students, and introduced new perspectives into their studies and research.

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