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      Founded in 1984, Shandong University,Weihai is the first university co-built by a university and the local government under the official approval of the Ministry of Education in the history of China's higher education. As an important part of Shandong University, a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education and one of the major universities of advanced level in China developed through Project 211 and Project 985, it is a comprehensive university covering various fields of study such as economics, law, arts, science, engineering and management. Besides, it is committed to building itself with the characteristics of space science, marine science and Korean teaching and research.
      Here in Weihai, the model city most suitable for living, you can enjoy white snow in winters that are not bitterly cold and surf in the blue sea in summers that are not intensely hot. With a long coastline, SDUW boasts beautiful scenery and great academic atmosphere, which have attracted numerous outstanding students and excellent teachers.
      There are currently 27 foreign experts in SDUW from 10 different countries such as USA, South Korea, Japan, etc, of whom five are professors, eight have doctoral degrees and thirteen have master's degrees. Their research areas varies widely from language (English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and French for the present), literature to science and engineering. 
    We sincerely welcome more foreign experts to work at SDUW.
    We provide:
    Salary with vacation subsidy;
    Round trip ticket from somewhere to Weihai once a year;
    Free trips to surrounding areas (one or two times per year);
    Accommodation with necessary furniture and appliance.
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