Notice on Students Security
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        In order to improve the administration of international students and provide better service, Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW) formulated in accordance with relevant laws and university regulations the following notices.

I.        Dormitory Security

Please read the dormitory regulations for international students of SDUW and room notes for each dormitory carefully. Pay special attention to the following things:

1. Pay attention to the safe use of electricity and do not use prohibited appliances such as electromagnetic oven, electric rice cooker or electric blanket.

2. Do not make noise or play music loudly lest you should disturb other students.

3. Please observe the time schedule and do not return to the dormitory late or stay out overnight.

II.     Announcement of Off-Campus Housing

International students who live out of the campus should fill out the Registration Form of Living off Campus to serve as a record at the office of College of International Education. Timely notice should be given if the living address or the contact information is changed. If students have not filled out the form or given timely notice after information change, they have to bear all consequences at their own risk.

When renting a room, students should choose a regular apartment rental company and sign contract with the landlord. Please abide by public order and pay attention to fire safety as well as personal and property security.

III.   Smoking Bans

According to the university rules, smoking is forbidden inside and in front of all the public buildings. Only in the designated smoking areas outside the building is smoking allowed. And do not arbitrarily throw cigarette butts after smoking, lest a fire is caused.

IV.   Motorbike-Driving Security  

1. All motor vehicles that are powered by fuel engine should have number plate issued by traffic police department when driven on the road.

2. All motorbikes on the road must have qualified vehicle license.

3. Motorbike drivers should hold appropriate Chinese drivers’ license. Those who hold driving license outside of mainland China and international driving license are not qualified for driving motorbike.

4. Qualified motorbike drivers should observe the traffic rules and wear helmets when driving on the road.

V.      Personal and Property Security

1. Please take good care of your personal belongings to avoid theft or loss.

2. Please go to the bank to exchange foreign currency in case of being cheated.

3. Please take a regular taxi when you go out and take care of your personal belongings. Remember to ask for the invoice before getting off the taxi. Please do not take illegal taxi.

4. Please be cautious when making friends with people outside the university.

5. When you go out, please observe the traffic rules to avoid accidents.

VI. SDUW respects international students’ national conventions and religions but will not provide places for religious service. No missionary activities or religious gatherings are allowed on campus.

VII. According to relevant State regulations, international students shall not work or engage in business during their study in China.

VIII. Picking quarrels and provoking troubles such as gang fighting, chasing, intercepting are strictly banned. Criminal behaviors such as public property damage, theft, defraudation and disturbance of public order are also strictly forbidden. The University strictly forbids prostitution and whoring, as well as illegal transaction, transportation, carrying, possession, taking and injection of drugs.


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