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PSU Delegation Visits SDUW
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From April 20th to 21st, Mr. Igor Kadzhaya, Head of the International Department of Perm State University (PSU) and Prof. Boris Kondakov, Head of Russian Literature Department, visited Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW). Prof. Chen Guanjun, Vice President of SDUW, along with relevant staff from School of Translation Studies and International Office, met with the guests.

Prof. Chen first extended his warm welcome to the PSU delegation. He pointed out that the cooperation between SDUW and PSU has achieved rapid and effective development since the signing of the cooperative agreement. On behalf of SDUW, Prof. Chen expressed his gratitude to PSU faculties and staff for taking such a good care of SDUW students studying at PSU. He said that these students are setting up a bridge connecting the two universities. He also believed that the cooperation between the two universities could enter a new stage in depth and range with the increasingly frequent student exchange. Mr. Kadzhaya said he was honored to visit SDUW again, and expressed his wish that the two universities could continue to push forward the partnership and provide teachers and students with more opportunities for exchange study. Prof. Kondakov emphasized that PSU faculties speak highly of SDUW students studying at PSU for their excellent academic performances. He also expected that SDUW could send more outstanding students to study at PSU. 

During the visit, the delegation also met with staff from School of Translation Studies and International Office. The two parties discussed the feasibility and details of the double-degree programs for undergraduates of the English-Russian language major, exchange programs and research collaboration between teachers and students, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention.



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