Notice for 2017-2018 Spring Semester Course Selection
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 The 2017-2018 Spring Semester Course Selection will start at 9:00 on the morning of March 26th and end at 12:00 at noon of March 29th. (Time for course selection is subject to change. Please refer to the notice on the website:
 Degree students, exchange students, language students and visiting students should make proper study plans for themselves by consulting the School’s academic advisor (postgraduate students could consult his or her tutor). Students should complete course selection within the prescribed time each semester according to the curriculum, class schedules and the course selection instruction. Students fail to complete the course-selection procedures are not allowed to attend classes. Those who fail to complete the procedures of dropping a class within the prescribed time, or is absent from classes and examinations without reasons shall be scored “0” on this course.
 For students with tuition fees overdue, the courses they selected and their scores will be erased from the system.
 Degree students who fail to pass the final examination can retake the course. If the student prefers to take the course by self-study, he or she should file a written application to the course’s teacher and relevant School.
 Students should ask about their curriculum and class schedules while registering at the teaching affairs office of the School. Students could sit in classes in the first week of the semester and then decide which optional courses they want to take, and should complete the course selection once the system is available.

How to select courses:
  1. Logging onto the course selection page: Shandong University, Weihai Homepage --人才培养--国际教育--国际学生
  2. Undergraduates, exchange and visiting students should select courses through 综合教务系统(本科生、交换生). For specific instruction, please refer to综合教务系统选课指导. User name of the system is the student number, and the initial password consists of the last six digits of the student number.
  3. Language students, international program students and postgraduates should select courses through 管理系统-学生. For specific instruction, please refer to国际学生管理系统使用说明. User name of the system is the student number, and the initial password is 111111.
  4. Students should change the system password after first logging in.
  5. Students should check their personal information carefully after logging in the system, and report to teachers of the College of International Education immediately in the case of any errors.
  6. Postgraduate students should inform the School’s academic advisor of the courses they have selected. 
  7. Students should check the course name, course code, teacher’s name, and class schedules after logging in the 综合教务系统(本科生、交换生).Please do not select the courses under 分组名801.
  8. Students can choose courses to the value of 24 credits at most for each semester.
  9. Contact information for each School’s teaching affairs office:
Schools Location Tel
School of Culture and Journalism Room 411, 文学楼 5686280
Business School Room 236, 商学院 5688289/
School of Translation Studies Room 319, 闻外楼 5688963
School of Art Teaching affairs office教务办, 艺术楼 5688752
School of Law Room 203, 图西环楼 56888736
School of Mechanical, Electrical and Information Engineering Room 612, 知行楼南楼 5688614
School of Oceanography Room 125, 海洋学院 5676073
School of Northeast Asian Studies Room 105, 东北亚学院 5688579
School of Mathematics and Statistics Room 110, 图东环楼 5688956
School of Space Science and Physics Room 533, 闻天楼南楼 5688881
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