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Prof. Slava Solomatov from WUSTL Visits SDUW
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From July 15th to 18th, Prof. Slava Solomatov, a world-famous scientist in the field of Earth and Planetary Physics, and Chair of Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences of Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), visited Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW). On 16th, Mr. Yin Zuosheng, Secretary of Party Working Committee of SDUW, met with Prof. Solomatov. Prof. Xia Lidong, Vice President of SDUW, staff from School of Space Science and Physics, and International Office attended the meeting. 

On behalf of SDUW, Mr. Yin extended a warm welcome to Prof. Solomatov. He pointed out that the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences of WUSTL has been providing huge support for School of Space Science and Physics of SDUW in terms of research and teaching in the field of Planetary Sciences, and fruitful results have been achieved through close cooperation between two parties. He expressed his wish that Prof. Solomatov’s visit could deepen mutual understanding and carry forward substantial cooperation between two universities. Prof. Solomatov said that he was impressed by the research competence of students from SDUW. He wished that two parties could make greater achievement by joint efforts in scientific research and education programs. 

During the stay at SDUW, two lectures ( titled “Magma Oceans and Early Planetary Evolution” and “Interior Dynamics and Evolution of Terrestrial Planets”) were given by Prof. Solomatov respectively. In addition, Prof. Solomatov communicated with planetary science team of Institute of Space Sciences, visited laboratories including Planetary Surface Materials Lab., Environment Simulation Lab. and Planetary Date System Lab., during which he spoke highly of the achievement made by SDUW in the field of planetary sciences.
SDUW established partnership with WUSTL in the field of planetary sciences in July, 2006. After two times renewal of the cooperation agreement, a mature cooperation system, including staff exchange, joint education program and joint research, has formed.

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